Using KARDEMİR BULUT Applications

KARDEMİR BULUT applications are applications that can be downloaded and used in the form of a setup file. For this reason, access is provided only on the web.

The Bulk Data Transfer module allows you to upload the data on your computer once and in bulk to the cloud without accessing the web.

  • Login for KARDEMİR BULUT.
  • Click on the Bulk Data Transfer title under the "Applications" heading in the left menu.
  • Run the .zip file downloaded to your computer.
  • After entering the server address (https://), user name and password, click "Connect".
  • Select the folder on your computer that you want to transfer to the cloud and then the files in the folder.
  • Specify the area where the relevant files will be transferred in your cloud. (My Wall / Public Folders) You can access the subfolders in it with the + button next to the main folder.
  • Transfer all your files to the cloud with the “Export to Cloud” option.
For user manual Click here.